Ecologi - for a sustainable environment

Ecologi - for a sustainable environment

Harrison Nutrition and Wellbeing have signed up to Ecologi - a UK based business that supports reforestation and carbon offsetting projects around the world.

Our current contributions each month will fund the planting of 12 trees and the removal of 0.9 tonnes of CO2. To date, our contributions have planted 142 trees through Ecologi.

But that's not all!
We have also integrated a facility into our website checkout that will plant a tree (on your behalf) for every order made through our online shop!

Anyone can sign up to contribute with Ecologi - both individuals and businesses.

If you would like to sign up - please use our special referrer code before signing up. Visiting this link first will plant an extra 30 trees on your behalf and 30 on our behalf!


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Check our profile out on Ecologi at