The brands we feature are carefully selected to offer you the highest quality, ethical, sustainable and bioavailable ingredients possible.

In general terms, we aim to provide products that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those with specific dietary requirements or allergies. We also try to provide products under a selection of price ranges to enable the best choice possible to our customers. 

A Vogel 
A long established and well respected brand. Featuring a large range of herbal remedies at affordable prices.

Amour Natural
Natural aromatherapy products including essential oils, carrier oils, reed diffusers, burners, candles and bodycare. Superb value for money.

Bare Biology
Super-strength pure omega 3 fish oils as well as a collagen range. Great value for money when taking into account the bioavailability and high quality of the products. 

Top quality bamboo toothbrushes and accessories. 

Garden of Life
These guys are renowned for their probiotic microbiome formulas. They take pride in making supplements based around whole foods and not using synthetically created chemicals in their products. Their ingredients are usually organic, Non-GMO and traceable right from the very source.

Green People
Gentle organic skincare and natural beauty products. Ethically made and ideal for sensitive skin.

Hampstead Tea
Organic, fair-trade teas. Ethically grown and plastic free packaging. 

A now very well-established and popular brand in the field of quality nutritional supplements. Igennus develop specialist, bioavailable nutrition supplements to help people to meet their nutritional needs and support optimal health. There are quite a few unique products and formulas to be discovered here. 

A well respected company, offering bodycare products using simple, wholesome ingredients. JASON use safe, gentle and effective ingredients that are rigorously tested to ensure safety and efficacy. They never test on animals.

Natures Aid
Providing affordable natural supplements whilst keeping up with the latest science and producing innovative and award-winning products, Natures Aid continue to supply a wide range of popular products. 

NORDIQ Nutrition
Nutritional supplements using fresh freeze-dried, as well as indigenous Nordic ingredients, creating an advanced range of high quality, 100% biologically active supplements.

Nutri Advanced
Since 1981, Nutri's supplements have been popular with customers for their  quality, purity and effectiveness.  Rigorous scientific research has always ensured their products are bioavailable, active and using the preferred forms of vitamins and minerals.

High quality nutritional supplements focusing on the form of their nutrients, (in particular bioavailability). Constantly keeping on top of the latest scientific research has allowed Nutrigold to grow into an established and popular brand for over 20 years now.

Pukka Herbs
A well known brand, providing a good range of teas. lattes and supplements. Pukka's many herbal creations are sustainable (including packaging) with many being organic and/or fair trade certified.  

Quick and convenient nutrition for those leading busy lives, or preferring the speed and convenience of a Purition meal or snack replacement.  Purition is a nutritionally balanced powdered blend of natural wholefoods that can be prepared within seconds.

Providing a selection of organic hair colour products. A 100% natural way to colour your hair.  Containing no harmful chemicals.

Royal Green
Inspired by the power of Mother Nature, Royal Green make plant based and certified organic supplements that have a wider range of activity and are better absorbed by the body. 

Carefully manufactured vitamins and supplements, made in their own manufacturing facilities.  Using select ingredients from around the world, Solgar craft products in small batches, with only the best raw materials.  They look to avoid artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers, binders, or colourings.  Whenever possible, their products are non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Kosher and Halal.

A very popular brand, providing a comprehensive range of nutritional supplements that support the natural products movement and organic growing concepts, as well as ethical principles throughout the company and product range.

We Love The Planet
Products produced with great care for nature. Spoiling you is not forgotten either - luxury, comfort and nature go hand in hand.

We Love The Planet deodorants consist only of 100% natural ingredients and is certified organic. No synthetic and skin-damaging ingredients have been added and the deodorant does not contain aluminium.

Wild Nutrition
Supplying an impressive food-grown supplements range. Wild Nutrition aim to create products with purpose, backed by science, and using natural ingredients of exceptional quality that support an holistic approach to health.