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Coconut Oil, light 100ml

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Coconut oil (Cocus nucifera) is a light, non-greasy oil that is easily absorbed. It has softening, soothing and nourishing properties making it ideal for skin, hair and body care.

It is particularly good for dry skin and often used in lip balms and hair care products.

Coconut oil also carries other oils well, making it highly valued in aromatherapy, traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), Chinese medicine, as well as other natural health modalities that use therapeutic oils and massage.
Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids (lauric, capric, caprylic, palmitic and myristic acids) These acids are anti microbial, anti-fungal, anti bacterial and rich in antioxidants, as well as good levels of vitamin E, vitamin K and minerals such as iron.

Hair care:
Coconut oil is considered one for the best natural oils for hair health, as it is an excellent conditioner and helps repair damaged hair. Coconut oil also encourages healthy hair growth by reducing protein loss and adds a beautiful shine to hair.
Regular massage of coconut oil on the scalp reduces dandruff and also protects from lice and their eggs.

Face and body care
Coconut oil is used either on its own or as a base for many body care products, from soaps, lotions, creams and oils. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and is beneficial to all skin types, especially dry skin.
Coconut oil is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin sagging, and to treat a variety of skin issues including dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and skin infections. Its emolliating effects make the oil a great alternative to the less-desirable mineral oil.

As coconut oil is so light and easily absorbed, it is a popular carrier oil for massage. Its stability and anti microbial and anti fungal properties means that it doesn’t go rancid easily and therefore protects other oils or extracts that are mixed in it.

What is Coconut Oil, Light?
Coconut oil will go solid at room temperature and has a coconut aroma. Coconut oil, Light, is a fractionated coconut oil which makes the oil thinner (even at cooler temperatures), odourless and much easier to use as a carrier oil, for massage and for making body care products with. It also increases the stability of the oil and gives it a much longer shelf life.
The process of fractionation is where coconut oil has been hydrolysed and then steam distilled. This process takes away the long chain triglycerides and leaves just medium chain triglycerides, which increases the concentration of capric acid, caprylic acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid and myristic acid.

Warm gently before use and apply directly on the skin or hair.
Use as an ingredient to make your own hair, body and face products

Do not take internally
Keep away from children
Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs
If oil gets into eyes splash out with water and seek medical advice if necessary