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Ginger Essential Oil

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Amour Natural Ginger essential oil is steam distilled from the ginger root. Ginger is a warming, fortifying, invigorating and grounding oil, rich in antioxidants. It supports a healthy circulatory system and can invigorate and/or soothe joints and muscles. 

Suggestions for use
Blend 1-3 drops in 15ml oil and add to the bath (best avoided by those with sensitive skin).
Mix 5 drops with water to use in an oil burner.
Mix 6-10 drops with hot water as an inhalation.
Mix 1-5 drops per 10ml of carrier oil for massage.

Patch test before use on the skin.

Ginger blends well with clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium, lemon, lime, lemon myrtle, basil, black pepper, juniper berry and rosemary.