Calcium Citrizorb 100mg

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Nutrigold’s Calcium Citrizorb® delivers 100mg elemental calcium per capsule in a highly bioavailable and bioactive organic citrate form.

60 capsules. Vegan. vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free.


Calcium is an essential mineral for health and can be found in dietary sources such as dairy, seeds and green leafy vegetables, as well as from food supplements.

Calcium contributes to:

  • Maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
  • Normal growth and development of bone in children.
  • Normal energy metabolism.
  • Normal cell division and differentiation.
  • Normal muscle function and neurotransmission.
  • Normal function of digestive enzymes.

Citrate minerals have been shown to have greater bioavailability compared to inorganic carbonate or oxide mineral forms. Calcium Citrizorb® is hypoallergenic and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Use: 1-4 capsules daily after food or as directed by a practitioner.