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Argan Oil (Organic)

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This highly nutritious oil helps support healthy, youthful-looking skin and hair. It can be beneficial for all types of skin, including mature and damaged skin.

A precious and relatively rare oil that comes from the nuts of the Argan trees that grow in some parts of Morocco.

Amour Natural’s argan oil is sourced from women's cooperatives in Morocco, where women collect the nuts and prepare them for sale. The nuts are then cold pressed, filtered, and gently deodorised with clay so the oil has a mild, pleasant aroma.

The nuts are picked by hand, shelled and then cold-pressed. The oil is then bottled in batches and kept at a cool temperature. This is a production process that maintains the integrity of the ingredients and keeps the oil fresh and unspoilt.

Warm gently before use
Use direct on the skin

It is recommended to patch test before use.