Natural Whitening Toothpaste (Fluoride Free)

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All the powerful ingredients you need for a healthy mouth without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Activated charcoal helps whiten teeth
  • Xylitol extract from Birch (or Corn)
  • Lauryl Glucoside from Coconuts
  • Free from SLS and Fluoride
  • Naturally flavoured with refreshing peppermint
  • Xylitol formula protects against plaque build up
  • Great value for money

Ingredients (and what they do): Aqua, Sorbitol* (Moisture Retention), Hydrated Silica (Removes surface & reduces plaque), Glycerin* (Moisture Retention), Xylitol* (Sweetener & Cavity Protection), Lauryl Glucoside* (Surfactant), Natural Aroma - Peppermint* (Fresh Taste), Stevia Rebaudine Extract* (Sweetener), Activated Charcoal Compound (Activated Charcoal Powder* (Gentle Abrasive), Polyglycerol-10 Stearate (Solvent), Polyglycerol-10 Mystearate (Solvent), Polyglycerin-10 (Solvent), Sodium Dehydroacetate (Preservative), Citric Acid (pH Regulator)), Xanthan Gum* (Thickener), Limonene* (Aroma). *Plant derived ingredients