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Nutri Advanced Broccoli Plus has several potential benefits including being a potent antioxidant, having anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties along with specific women's health benefits.

60 capsules (30 day supply)
Vegan, vegetarian. Free from gluten, dairy, soya. Non-GMO.

Key specifics of the product
  • 230mg broccoli as unique, patented TrueBroc®, an extract standardised to 13% glucoraphanin.
  • 23mg mustard myrosinase powder required for conversion of glucoraphanin into sulphoraphane.
  • Sulphoraphane is a potent antioxidant, which supports the body's defences against free radical damage and helps to maintain normal cellular processes.
  • Supports liver health, oestrogen metabolism, hormone balance and healthy ageing.
  • Smaller capsule size, great for those who find larger capsules hard to swallow.

TrueBroc® patented glucoraphanin is derived from broccoli seeds. The glucoraphanin is extracted from broccoli seeds using a natural, hot water process. TrueBroc® contains the highest level of glucoraphanin currently on the market.

Glucoraphanin is a powerful and long-lasting antioxidant, found primarily in broccoli. When consumed, glucoraphanin converts to sulphoraphane.

Sulphoraphane is a sulphur-based phytochemical and antioxidant which helps prevent against cell damage from free radicals and helps to maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Sulphoraphane also helps support the liver in processing toxins.

Oestrogen dominance occurs when we have too much oestrogen in the body in relation to other hormones, such as too little progesterone to balance it out; or an imbalance between the different types of oestrogens. For women, this can lead to heavy and painful periods, PMS, bloating, mood changes, fatigue, anxiety and weight gain. Oestrogen dominance can also affect men, symptoms of which include weight gain, fatigue, low mood and anxiety.

Broccoli seeds help to metabolise oestrogen and supports the liver in clearing toxins from the body.