Purition with Mixed Berry (Vegan)

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Purition is a nutritionally balanced powdered blend of natural whole foods that can be prepared within seconds.

500g (12 servings), 40g (1 serving).

You can use Purition as an everyday meal, as a quick meal on busy days, or after exercise to boost your daily protein intake.

Stay Full For Longer
High protein and useful fats content, whilst keeping carbs to a minimum, helping keep cravings away.

Easy Calorie Control
Each Purition meal is at most 200 calories, so you know exactly what you’re eating.

No Fuss Or Prep
Purition is super flexible. Blend it, shake it or just add water. It’s ready in seconds.

There are no chemicals or additives in Purition.

All flavours are made with Purition's core real food blend of golden linseed, sunflower kernels, almonds, coconut, pumpkin seeds, whole chia seeds and sesame seeds.

Purition then add a protein blend, some extra soluble and insoluble fibre from plants and a smidge of stevia (a natural plant-based sweetener) to balance out the flavour.

Per 40g serving: 

180g total calories
14.4g protein
12g fat (3g saturated)
7.4g fibre
4.4g carbs (1.8g sugar)
0.1g salt
No cholesterol